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Search Marketing Should Grow Your Revenue, Not Traffic

Webdesign and SEO services by a webflow expert

Take a deep dive into the pillar stones of my approach to SEO. My goal is always to drive extra revenue for your brand not simple traffic vanity metrics!

🎯 My Process

A bullet Proof process when it comes to ranking

I don't offer "cookie clutter" SEO packages!

Agencies that do, don't get results for their clients because of this very problem. Every client is unique and so is their blueprint to ranking. That's why I tailor every SEO strategy to your business to get the results you need!



Project Setup

To kick off your campaign, we will start by setting up your project management ecosystem in Notion.

This will allow us to smoothly communicate throughout your campaign with yourself, your team and any exterior third party that may be involved in the project.



Website Quality Analysis

The Website Quality Audit is the first step of your SEO campaign.

This step involves auditing different data sources (Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, GT Metrics, Google Analytics, Google Search Console) in order to assess the SEO health of your website.

The goal is to identify technical SEO and on page SEO action points to fix in order to boost your rankings.

This audit is the groundwork of your campaign as skipping this step would impede the results of your campaign.



Technical SEO

Once the WQA is completed, the next step is to implement the technical fixes identified during the audit.

These fixes are designed to fix the technical structure of the website in order to simplify Google's life of understanding your website's content.

These fixes are identified & mapped out by myself and fixed in the backend of your website builder. If you have your own developer that's perfect, otherwise if needed I have some great contacts.



Quick Win Opportunities

Once the base technical SEO structure of your website is fixed, we can look at optimising the quick on page SEO wins identified during the WQA.

These quick wins are called quick wins as they only involve optimising exiting content you already have on your website.

You see, it's simpler pushing one of your existing pages ranking on page 3 of Google to page 1, than it is to create a new page and rank it all the way back from page 8-10.

This is why, in order to bring the quickest ROI, we focus on your existing pages which have the best chance of ranking the quickest.

These pages can be product pages, collection pages, service pages and blog posts.



Expanding Organic Reach

Once we have optimised all of your existing pages, we can move on to expanding your organic reach by creating new pages.

This involves doing fresh keyword research for commercial pages such as product, collection and service pages. This step also involves strategising the content marketing strategy such as doing keyword research, defining your audience persona, building out content clusters etc..

It's at this stage, where we take your brand to a whole new level!



Building Authority

The last piece to the puzzle is building authority for your website, aka link building.

I personally work with a trusted partner specialised in link building solely that outreaches for link placements using only white hat techniques such as skyscraper outreach, broken link building, niche insertions etc...

In my experience, as link building needs to be done at scale generally speaking (Depending on the competitiveness of your niche) working with a dedicated link building partner is always the most effective and cost worthy solution.


What platforms do you work with?

I mainly work with websites built on Webflow, Shopify, Wordpress & headless CMSs.

I can work with other platforms such as Magento, Joomla, but's it rare.

If you are on another platform such as Wix or Squarespace for example, I won't be able to help out.


Well some platforms like Wix for example are going to be very difficult to get results with due to the lack of customisation possible.

How much will an SEO campaign cost?


How long is a piece of string?

It depends.

The more ressources you have on your side, the faster you will be able to rank due to your purchasing power of links, content and SEO work.

The best solution is to get in contact with me.

I don't do one size fits all packages because that would be cheating on you. Indeed, every industry niche requires more or less ressources to have a fair chance of ranking, I will deliver a custom proposal tailored to your needs.

How long does it take to get results?

This depends on a number of factors.

If your site is already well aged and a trustworthy source in the industry but has technical issues that are keeping you back, results will generally appear in 2-3 months.

If your site is brand new, this could take anywhere from 6-12 months.

Do you improve existing content?

Yes I will.

This is where most of your low hanging fruit will be!

After identifying your quickest wins I will modify your content to capitalise on those quick gains.

Can you rebuild my website for me?

I can't no.

But I will refer you to a trusted partner of mine that will be a good fit for working with you.

Once your website is built, I am happy to consider working with you on your SEO.

How do you know which types of content to produce?

I find content ideas by researching different queries using manual search and softwares.This involves:

- Understanding your business's target audience persona
- Analysing your competitors for missed opportunities
- Reviewing relevant keywords to determine what your audience is searching for

Do you guarantee SEO results?

I don't own Google so I can't promise anything.

And anyone that does would be lying to you.

Nevertheless I will do my very best to increase your organic rankings in a realistic time frame.

Also, I won't take you on as a client if I'm not confident in helping you out!

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